Private Tutoring

Need help crafting a personal story for the UC Personal Insight Questions, private college Common Application essay, or supplements? It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Step One: Planning Meeting

For students who need ideas and inspiration.  We begin with an in-depth discussion of your background, interests, and activities. As common themes and passions emerge, topic ideas begin to take shape. Next, we look at the application questions and select the ones that best fit your personal story.

Step Two: Initial Draft Review

Have a draft? For students who worked with me to plan their essay, as well as for student who wrote a draft on their own but need more guidance, direction, and inspiration. Email me your draft and get detailed feedback in just a few days. Easy-to-follow notes show you how to organize your story, add compelling details, and keep the reader engaged.

Step Three: Follow-Up Draft Review

Need more? For students who worked with me to complete step two above. Email me your revised draft for additional feedback, encouragement, and fine tuning. Some students need just one follow up. Others may want to repeat this step. It all depends on the quality of their initial draft, their writing ability, and their level of effort.