Fall 2021

How can I help you? It depends on where you are in the application process and how comfortable you are with the writing requirements. The information below will help you select the right service.

If you don’t have a draft

Essay planning meetings are for students who don’t have a draft and don’t know how or where to start. Using FaceTime (in-person meeting not necessary!), we discuss your interests, activities, intended major, and the prompts. All you need to do is talk. I will take notes, help you brainstorm potential topics, and provide a recap of selected topic ideas by email afterwards.

To schedule a meeting, please email me the following:

1) The school you want to discuss and its essay requirements (prompt, word count, deadline). Students usually pick their top choice school or the one with the earliest deadline. (Planning meetings for UC schools available through October.)

2) Your resume or activities list for my reference (rough draft is fine!)

3) Two meeting date/time choices

4) Your cell number and who to contact for the $100 non-refundable meeting deposit

PARENTS: Sorry, but you won’t be attending this meeting. We got this. In fact, your student probably won’t even tell you what was discussed. Here’s what they will tell you: the meeting went great, they are ready to write, and actually excited to start!

If you have a draft

Just getting started? Feeling stuck? Or, ready to submit? No matter where you are in the writing process, a review will help you move forward with confidence and clear direction.

All draft reviews are done by email (no meeting needed!) and fees are based on word count. Email me your draft as a Word attachment or Google Doc link so that I can calculate the fee and the turn around time.

Thanks for sharing!

Author: Alison

Alison Cotter helps individuals tell their story. Whether it's a college application essay or a personal memoir, Alison guides her clients through the process of finding their story and getting it on paper.

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