Finally! More Choices!

College isn’t for everyone. It’s true. So, why do so many high school students think it’s the only path? Because business leaders, school counselors, and parents keep telling them it is.

Guess what? The conversation is about to change. Get ready for a lot of talk about the trades. It’s about time!

When my kids were young, I was so excited to learn that the local high school had a woodshop. But, by the time they got to high school, it had been converted into a computer lab. Of course! Given the emphasis on technology and the need to train students for careers in science, technology, and math, it was inevitable.

But now, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. Stories about a shortage of workers in the trades are starting to emerge, along with changes in education policy designed to help. Here’s one from NPR.

Anyone interested in the topic will certainly enjoy this Roadtrip Nation episode, where students travel the U.S. interviewing welders, chefs, designers, animal behavior specialists, make-up artists, and–yes!–woodworkers!

Parents, please share with your kids. Especially those who might be facing endless hours of tutors, test-prep, and study just to get the numbers needed for college admission.

If their heart isn’t really in it, maybe they can find a different path to success and happiness.

Thanks for sharing!

Author: Alison

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